Shirley Brinson Marshall, Membership Chair
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membership payments or make donations. 

Our treasurer/financial officer, Mr. Willie Roberson, will report your information to the SSUNAA.





If preferred, mail payments to:

SSUNAA-Class of 1976 Chapter, Inc.

PO Box 2797

Washington, DC 20013

2022 Pledge Amount

    (A minimum tax-deductible donation  of $500.00 is requested in support of our endowment fund.) 

Basic membership $70

Standard Life Membership      $1000      

All payable in installments.

Scholarship & Other Donations-Any amount



Life Members

Charles G. Young **

Welch C. Fair **                                                Frankie L. McFadden *

Bernard D. Adams *                                         David A. Miller *

James Brown *                                                 Louise Mitchell *

Richard Chisholm *                                         Ruth Mutch Parker *

Annie McGhee Clark *                                    Audrey Conyers Rhodes*

Raymond Dennard *                                       Willie M. Roberson, III *

Jeffery S. Gunter *                                           Barbara Cornelius Thomas *

Evans James *                                                  Jerry Thomas *

Terrie B. Johnson *                                          Swornia Deas Thomas *

Mary Allen Mack *                                            Marsha Brown Twiggs*

Shirley Brinson Marshall * 

Patricia A. West*                              

Luthenya Conyers Wright *

Diamond Life **

Standard Life *

 Life Member Gallery

(Under construction; please pardon until complete.)