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Shirley Brinson Marshall, Membership Chair

 Associate & Renewed Annual Member Recognition

Thank you, Members!
Clara Brown

Reginald Campbell
Marvin Clark
Cynthia Jackson Formey
Browyn M. Hughes
Charles J. Mack
Sandra J. Mitchell
Brenda Parker
Rev. Thomas E. Williams
Herman Wright


Click on the yellow box to submit secure online


membership payments or make donations. 

Our treasurer/financial officer, Mr. Richard Chisholm, will report your information to the SSUNAA.





If preferred, mail payments to:

SSUNAA-Class of 1976 Chapter, Inc.

PO Box 2797

Washington, DC 20013

2023 Pledge Amount

    (A minimum tax-deductible donation  of $500.00 is requested in support of our endowment fund.) 

Basic membership $70

Standard Life Membership      $1000      

All payable in installments.

Scholarship & Other Donations-Any amount



Life Members

Charles G. Young **

Welch C. Fair **                                                Frankie L. McFadden *

Bernard D. Adams *                                         David A. Miller *

James Brown *                                                 Louise Mitchell *

Richard Chisholm *                                         Ruth Mutch Parker *

Annie McGhee Clark *                                    Audrey Conyers Rhodes*

Raymond Dennard *                                       Willie M. Roberson, III *

Jeffery S. Gunter *                                           Barbara Cornelius Thomas *

Evans James *                                                  Jerry Thomas *

Terrie B. Johnson *                                          Swornia Deas Thomas *

Mary Allen Mack *                                            Marsha Brown Twiggs*

Shirley Brinson Marshall * 

Patricia A. West*                              

Luthenya Conyers Wright *

Diamond Life **

Standard Life *

In Loving Memory...

 Life Member Gallery

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